Tow Your Junk Car Directly

Did you know that driving a tow truck is an inherently dangerous job? It takes a lot of guts to navigate over slick, icy roads. Avoid dangerous situations.

Tow Your Junk Car Directly

26 March 2020
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Getting rid of an "old clunker" car in your garage might be a good idea. The irrepairable vehicle not only serves as an eyesore, but it also presents safety hazards. Calling a junk car removal service seems like a plan. Since the service offers free towing and cash for your car, the deal seems tough to beat. Perhaps you can make a better deal for yourself. Calling vehicle towing services and bringing the vehicle to a scrapyard might deliver the most profitable option. And yes, the higher profits may be gained even when you pay for the towing service itself.

The Clunker Removal Process

The way cash-for-junk-car programs usually work is someone shows up with a tow truck, you sign over the title after receiving a cash payment, and the car gets towed to a scrapyard. Most people never think about what happens at the scrapyard or how the junk car service makes a profit. The process follows the fundamental maxim of "buy low and sell high. The junk service pays, say, $100 for a car that goes to a scrapyard and sells it for $220. Can't the original owner do the same thing? Yes, doing so is a viable option. 

The Tow Truck Service's Destination

A tow truck service picks cars up and takes them where the owner wants them to go. Usually, people call tow trucks to bring the vehicles to a garage or their home. However, the towing service can take a car to any number of locations. Sometimes, cars that break down on the highway are merely towed to the street by the next exit. Asking to bring an old vehicle to a scrap yard shouldn't be a problem.  

Choose the Right Scrapyard

The profit margin turns out to be the money paid for the vehicle minus the towing cost. Looking for a competitive tow price makes sense, but look for reasonable prices from a scrapyard, too. A scrapyard that puts the car on a scale and pays based on weight will surely offer more than a venue that pays a $50 flat fee. Check on scrapyard policies before calling a tow truck. 

The Closest Scrapyard

The further you tow the car, the more the tow costs. Be thorough when looking for scrapyards. A mix of the best price combined with the shortest tow could pay off. Also, call ahead to make sure the scrapyard knows you're coming. Otherwise, you may need to tow the junker back home.

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