Tips For Safely Towing A Heavy-Duty Trailer

Did you know that driving a tow truck is an inherently dangerous job? It takes a lot of guts to navigate over slick, icy roads. Avoid dangerous situations.

Tips For Safely Towing A Heavy-Duty Trailer

12 April 2017
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Towing a heavy-duty trailer requires attention to detail and careful planning. One misstep could endanger the driver and other cars on the road. If you are planning to tow a heavy-duty trailer, here are some tips for safely doing so.  

Check the Maximum Weight Ratings

The maximum weight ratings determine how much the truck and trailer can safely tow. If the load exceeds the maximum weight, the tires, axle bearing, and spindle could suffer strain. The strain can lead to serious consequences, including losing control of the vehicle while making a turn.  

In addition to knowing the towing weight ratings, you need to know the curb weight. The curb weight refers to the total weight of your truck and trailer with only the standard equipment included. In other words, it is the total weight of the truck and trailer without any cargo or passengers. The best way to determine the curb weight is to weigh the vehicles on a certified scale. You can likely find one at an interstate truck stop. 

Once you have the curb weight, you can ensure your load does not exceed the maximum weight rating for both the truck and trailer. Simply subtract the curb weight from the maximum and limit your cargo to the remaining allowed weight.  

Make Adjustments to Your Driving to Accommodate for the Trailer

The addition of the trailer to the back of the truck means that you will have to make adjustments to your driving to avoid accidents and damage to others. For instance, you cannot drive too fast or slow with the trailer attached. If you do, the trailer will be unstable, and you could have an accident.  

In addition to watching your speed, be careful of turning. It is easy to hit a corner or curb, which can lead to the vehicle tipping over. The wheels of a trailer are closer to the curb when you are making a turn. You need to ensure your turns are wide enough to allow the tires to clear.  

You also need to avoid driving on soft shoulders, if possible. Soft shoulders present a special challenge that could lead to the truck and trailer going out of control.  

Due to the seriousness of the issues that could result if heavy-duty towing is not executed properly, contracting with a towing service, like Blue Eagle Towing, is a safer option. A professional would avoid these mistakes and many more that could derail the tow. 

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