Stay Safe While Waiting To Be Towed

Did you know that driving a tow truck is an inherently dangerous job? It takes a lot of guts to navigate over slick, icy roads. Avoid dangerous situations.

Stay Safe While Waiting To Be Towed

27 May 2018
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When you end up on the side of the road with a car that isn't running properly, it's hard to see how things can get much worse, but things can get worse. You want to make sure you take some extra steps to keep yourself safe while you are waiting for that tow truck to come to your rescue. Here are some simple steps you should follow to know that you are doing what you can to protect yourself.

Try to get your car to the safest spot possible – If your car has any life in it at all, you want to use the rest of it to get off the freeway off ramp or off the main street and get yourself in a parking lot. If it is after dark, really try for a lit-up parking lot, preferably where there are plenty of other cars and people walking around. The more crowded the area you are in, the safer you will be. If you are stuck in a bad spot, turn on your hazard lights and walk yourself to a safer area.

Call for a tow right away – You want to put in a call to the tow truck as soon as you can safely do so. You should make the tow truck your first call, so you won't have to wait in that area for as long. Make sure you really look around and give the tow truck company your exact location. Also, let them know where you may be if you don't plan on waiting right with the car, give them your phone number and ask them to call you upon their arrival.

Be careful if you sit in the car – If you decide to sit in the car while you wait for the tow truck to show up, you want to make sure all of the doors are locked and that the windows aren't rolled down all the way. Always have your phone sitting right next to you, so you can call for help if anyone comes up and starts to bother you. Don't allow someone to talk you into rolling down your window or open your car door. You don't want to walk around the car because being seen alone and looking like you are in a vulnerable position can cause people with criminal minds to start thinking about ways they can try to victimize you. When you are in the car, you look less fragile because they don't even know that you don't have some form of protection in the car with you.

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Did you know that driving a tow truck is an inherently dangerous job? It takes a lot of guts to navigate over slick, icy roads and rough terrain to pull your car out of a ditch. Unfortunately, most people get more worried about missing appointments and paying for service than they do about keeping their driver safe. However, there are a few things you can do to keep everyone safe. Go through the articles on my website to learn how to avoid dangerous situations when you are in the midst of an emergency. By pulling your car off of the road and staying inside of your vehicle, you might be able to fend off tragedy.