Pulling Away The Misconceptions Surrounding Emergency Towing Companies

Did you know that driving a tow truck is an inherently dangerous job? It takes a lot of guts to navigate over slick, icy roads. Avoid dangerous situations.

Pulling Away The Misconceptions Surrounding Emergency Towing Companies

13 January 2021
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Any time your vehicle fails you and you are stranded, the situation can be stressful. However, some breakdowns do constitute an emergency, which essentially means you could be in some type of danger because of where you are stranded, who is with you, or even the weather. Thankfully, emergency towing services are available to help, but several misconceptions exist about these services.

Misconception: You can only get an emergency towing service if you are stranded on the interstate. 

Being stranded on an interstate is especially dangerous due to the multitude of vehicles and the high rates of speed they can be traveling at. However, you can call for emergency help from a towing service even if you are stranded on a standard highway, street, or even in a parking lot. The place does not necessarily always make your situation an emergency, a number of other factors can make being broken down or stranded in your vehicle dangerous.

Misconception: Emergency tows cost twice as much as standard tows. 

Even though emergency towing can sometimes be more costly because the company makes tow trucks available around the clock, the cost is usually not much more than a standard tow. A number of variables can affect the end cost of the tow, such as the size of your vehicle and the distance your vehicle has to go. Normally, a towing company will only add a small surcharge for calls made after hours.

Misconception: Your insurance company will not cover the costs of emergency towing. 

This misconception comes from the idea that the emergency tow service is especially costly. However, most insurance companies offer coverage for towing without specifying whether they cover for emergency towing services. Instead, they typically only specify that they will only cover a charge up to a certain amount or a certain percentage of the cost. For example, if you have towing added to your policy, your insurance carrier may cover up to $300 for the bill or 75 percent of the costs. 

Misconception: Calling for an emergency tow really does no good; the company won't get there in a hurry. 

On the contrary, towing companies treat emergency tow calls with top priority because these situations can truly mean clients are in some kind of danger. You may obviously have to wait for the towing service longer if you are stranded further from the company. However, this is not because the company is treating your emergency call as any standard contact.

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